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February 2017

Rick, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for a Great CCW class today. I really enjoyed getting back in the saddle.


Since leaving the Military over 10 years ago, I actually forgot a few things, thanks for reminding me of those important little things.


Ken - Las Vegas, Nevada

December 2016

Rick,  have to say that we LOVED your class!  
My wife really enjoyed it, and, in fact, she has taped her target to our garage door!
You really know your stuff and teach it in a way that is personal, fun and entertaining, yet at the same time highly engaging and educational.  If you ever need a reference or an endorsement, please let me know.  We are definitely satisfied customers!  Look forward to having our kids home so they can come and go through your course too. Have a GREAT day my friend!
 Bud - Las Vegas, Nevada

September 2016

Dear Rick,

I would like to take a moment of my time to say thank you for allowing me to take your class.


I feel very privileged to have been one of your students. I have been shooting guns from the age of seven, weapons have changed a lot in 45 years. My family and I did not keep up. Playing catch up is a lot easier when your instructor has a vast knowledge of more than one kind weapon, see's shooting as a last resort, and never tires of an endless array of questions.


I was in a class of three and we must have asked at least 200 questions, you answered  every one of them as though it was the very first one. Never saw such passion in a teacher, and at my age I've seen a few.


Had you charged me double I would still feel as though choosing you out the four instructors I spoke with was a very wise decision. Time is an unreplaceable thing....I would like to thank you for every moment you spend and have spent helping me catch up to the bad guys in this modern world of weaponry and crime.


I will advise anybody to take safety lessons from Rick Cross, I think he is the one stop safety shop.


Tom - Las Vegas, Nevada



"Rick is a great teacher and I could certainly tell he has a passion for helping people learn the material."

Jeff Z. - Southern California



Hello Rick,


 I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class!


The examples of concealed carry gear, and the proper way to use them was amazing!

I would never have thought about a 'break-away' shirt or a 'carry planner'!

You were patient with us and knew way more than I thought an individual would know about this field.

You obviously follow it very closely!

Thanks again and should anyone want to even consider buying a firearm for personal protection . . . I will point them your way!

Michael H.


Hello Rick,


The class was absolutely amazing!


I got so much more out of your class than the last CCW class I took. 


Thank you so much for everything.


I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to take this class!!! 


Sherri P.  - Las Vegas, NV.


Hello Rick,


Keith and Cindy got your email. 


Thanks again we really enjoyed your class.

One thing, next time have that Thunderwear bedazzled, LOL!


Kieth K.




I really enjoyed the class, very informative.  I am new to guns in general and specifically to handguns.


I like how you made the class easy to understand and didn't breeeze over anything.




Hi Rick,

     I just wanted to follow up on the CCW Class.


Tammy and I really enjoyed the class.  You are an excellent instructor.

You did a great job, very passionate, very dedicated to gun safety.  We learned a lot.

Thanks for everything!


Doug S.