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Pocket Guns


Clint Smith, founder of Thunder Ranch said it best, "For carrying the gun, no gun is too small but for fighting with the gun, no gun is too big"


A number of years ago there was a spike in the carrying of pocket guns as primary self-defense tools. Pocket guns are also know as 'mouse guns' and they requre a competent, confident, and proficient operater behind them. They are Expert Guns good out to the end of your arm and at maximum the width of a car. 

Mouse guns do have quite a number of advantages when it comes to concealed carry and for certain situations they are exactly what the doctor ordered. On occassion I will carry a small gun as a primary gun and I know when I do, I know my self-defense options are limited.


Handgun calibers come in following caliber levels (for a full definition, see "Handgun Stopping Power" under the link, Handguns and Defense);

  •  Sub-caliber
  •  Minor-caliber
  •  Major-caliber

Sub-caliber handguns/cartridges really should never be used for self-defense but they have and can make a big difference! So why do people carry them? They're light and comfortable.... Clint Smith again is right on the money with this one, "Carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable. It's supposed to be comforting!" -- Thanks Clint!


The minor-caliber is the minimum gun for self-defense and the major-calibers are preferred but there is a saying, "What's the first rule of a gun fight? - Have a Gun!"


If all I had to fight with was a .22 caliber handgun, I would make the most of it. A sub-caliber handgun in the hands of a competent gun handler is far more dangerous than full power handgun with someone not as experienced.

I believe that as time goes along, more and more people will discover (some with their lives) that a pocket handgun will do more to get you killed than save you. If you don't practice and become proficient with a small handgun, you'll never be able to get the gun out when you need to or use it proficiently to save your life.


Also the stopping power of small caliber handguns is such that depending upon the individual and what alcohol/drug combination they're on, it will take a lot more than even multiple rounds with a minor or major caliber handgun to stop them. There's a saying, "Don't shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber handgun!" ... Agreed!


A few years ago a student in my class had already been through a fatal handgun shooting. Here's his story (name wittheld for anonymity) --


While playing sports with a group of men, a large man with a baseball bat came onto the court (one had owed him money) and he wanted his money or else. After being told he wasn't getting paid back, he started to strike several of the men with the bat. The large man with the baseball bat was having no problems winning. My 'client' went to his car to retrieve his .32 caliber handgun, confronted the man and told him to stop. When the man approached my client with deadly intentions, my client not only had to shoot him, he emptied his gun of all 8 rounds into the mans chest. He did 'stop the fight'... the man dropped his bat but it didn't even appear the shots had any effect. My client thought to himself, "How could I have missed him?


The man then calmly turned around and walked to his car over 75 yards away, got in and drove off!


The man had drove himself to the hospital and several hours later died from the gunshot wounds. The shots did have an affect, it just took a long time before they did. The problem here is the assailant could have easily beaten my client to death with the basebell bat after he had been shot. It may have stopped him, but it took a long time to do so and when you are in fear for your life or that of a loved one, you need to have the most effective tool available to stop the criminal in his tracks 'Right Here and Right Now!'


That's the problem I see, many people are going to find they're pocket guns will not do what they need to in a time of need.

Do I believe in pocket guns as backup guns? YOU BET I DO and In fact, I carry one.

It's rather funny, when Springfield Armory came out with the XDS single stack .45 caliber handgun, they ran an advertisment in several gun magazines and I quote, "The .380 was a nice fad, now let's get back to business!" I couldn't agree more.