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Choosing a Primary & Concealed Carry Handgun

There are many handgun models on the market in a wide variety of sizes, calibers, barrel lengths, action types, finishes, and other mechanical features. Some have safeties, most do not! There is good reason external safety levers no longer are incorporated into defensive handguns –

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Priorities in Selecting a Defensive Handgun


1. Reliability
You cannot accept anything but 100% relibility from a gun whose primary purpose is self-defense.

We tend to take this for granted in modern day handguns, but if the gun does not consistently fire its projectile when you are threatened with serious injury or death, you might be worse off than if you hadn't been armed at all.


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Handgun Stopping Power

Three factors determine handgun stopping power -

  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Power

Of the three, which is most important?
Answer, they are all equally important and must be balanced in order to win.


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Concealing the Home Defense Weapon

There are three major factors to be considered when carrying concealed, or secreting a personal defense weapon in your home or on your property. Each one must be carefully considered to achieve the best possible results.


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