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Concealing the Home Defense Weapon. . .


The three factors of primary consideration for concealed carry or concealment in the home are;

  • Safety
  • Legality
  • Effectiveness


From a legal standpoint it is up to you to ensure that you are fully aware of local, state, and federal regulations regarding a defensive firearm. You may find that the only legal way to have a defensive weapon loaded and ready to do business in your home is to have it on your person and under your direct control.


Safety is influenced more often than not by the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Friends, neighbors, and work associates are sometimes present in our homes. In a majority of today’s households, kids are sometimes if not always present.
Utility workers, repair personnel, and sales people are periodically in our homes. The location and access to defensive firearms in the home should be known only to those persons who are authorized.

For a concealed, defensive firearm to be effective anywhere, it has to be immediately available if needed. Inside the home is no different. Secure containers such as biometric lock boxes or cabinets with electronic locks might be strategically positioned in selected locations in your home for quick access. Other unlocked, concealable options are available depending upon whether children are present.

You have to think about how much time you might have to respond to a threat and play the likelihoods to help decide how many defensive firearms are needed and where they should be placed. The possibilities are without end. As the old saying goes about guns, “It is better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have one.”

There is one circumstance that meets the safety, legal, and effectiveness better than any other. 


Hands down it is by far the simplest and easiest of all of the possibilities: There’s no argument that having a legally owned and carried firearm on your person would be the safest and most effective way of defending your home and your family.

It is under your direct control, only you have access, and it is immediately accessible at all times.