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Training Calendar


On my calendar, if you don't see any entry in a date, it's probably free. Once in the calendar, you can go to any date in the future.


I can do classes on Friday's (limited), Saturday's and Sunday's except when I'm doing my own training or some other personal business. The calendar will show that.


Split classes can be done in 2-day sessions at a maximum of 15 days apart.


Click on the Team Up CCW Training Calendar below to bring it up in a new window.


I do work a day job and Monday thru Thursday are generally not available but Thursday night could be used for a split class.


If you are interested in a class, please contact me via phone (702-275-1625) or email.

I hold classes both public & private at your facility or mine.


Classes at your facility are at a much higher rate due to having to move all of my material to your location. I have a LOT of supplies and equipment and you must have a large room to accomodate it all. 


Please call me at (702) 275-1625 with any questions and to schedule classes.


Click here or on the calendar for the most recently updated schedule