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Gun Safetyglock02

At the very heart of what we do as sportsman, enthusiasts and concealed carry permit holders is Gun Safety.


Gunshot wounds leave catstrophic, disfiguring and debilitating conditions for the rest of our lives.


Even a 'minor' gunshot wound could kill you by striking a major artery. A very close relative of mine was shot negligently (any 'accident' by a gunshot is negligent) in the lower leg and it nearly took her life. On the way to the hospital, she nearly bled to death.


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Kids & Gun Safety


There is power in knowledge.

Teaching your children the power and utility of firearms is essential. 'Catch Phrases' are created to

help children learn to be safe.

Common phrases are "Stop, Drop and Roll" for fire emergencies, "Stop, Look and Listen" for crossing roadways and train crossings and it's no surprise we have one for guns - The Eddie Eagle NRA Program teaches children to remember -

Eddie Eagle

  •  Stop!
  •  Don't Touch
  •  Leave the Area
  •  Tell an Adult

I have taught my grandchildren this program and when I was teaching my 4 year old granddaughter, I referred to the last part as "Go tell Mommy or Daddy". I will say that she learned this phrase just as well as any of the other catch phrases for children. To this day even though she's over three times the age she when she first learned it, she will still recite the Eddie Eagle catch phrase to me...Great Job Emmy!


For any children you would like to go through a Gun Safety class the cost is . . . FREE!

This includes the material, guns and ammo at the range. I firmly believe this is a service to the community and to our children!