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Revolvers. . .

Another nice feature of revolvers is the ability of the person whom the gun is pointed at to see the business end of the rounds in the non-active chambers. This in itself is a deterrent - If they can see the bullets, they may give up the fight.

A very popular revolver, 'The Judge' takes either a 45 long colt or 410 shotgun shells. For this reason, the judge makes a pretty good choice for an 'anti-carjacking' weapon. The perpetrator will definitely see the rounds in the other cylinders and that may be all that's needed to fend off the attack.


As BUG's - BackUp Guns
When it comes to carrying a backup gun, a revolver is a great choice for several reasons.

Todays revolvers made for backup carry are small and lightweight and they easily fit inside a pocket or ankle holster. If you find yourself with an attacker on top of you, a revolver can be fired with the muzzle of the gun pressed right up against the body of the attacker - this guarantees the hit.

You can't do this with a semi-automatic as pressing up against something will cause the gun to go our of battery and thus, it won't fire. A revolver
can also be fired with it in-close to your body as there is no upper slide to be concerned with striking you.