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Upcoming CCW Class - Last Minute Notes

 If you haven't reviewed the Orientation Document, please do so before coming to class.


Classroom Location

Address of the classroom is 9680 W. Tropicana avenue in Las Vegas, 89147. 
Name of the facility is Encore Executive Suites.


It's about a half-mile up from Ft. Apache & Trop on the right side of the street in the second row of office buildings. It's the only office complex before you get to the next traffic light and you really can't miss it.


I'll be parked in front of the building and you'll see my either my red Pathfinder (with large roof rack) or my CCW F-150 Pickup.


Doors are locked on Saturdays! When you get there, call or text me (if I don't see you first) so I can let you in.

if you go outside to have a smoke, get lunch, etc., you must call me to let you back in. The conference room door automatically locks as well. Remind me to give you the code for the day.


Classroom Start & End Times

Class starts promptly at 9am, please arrive at 8:45am. This gives you time to get a cup of coffee, find out where the bathrooms and my office is at.
Please account for traffic and do your best not to be too late. We can't wait too long after 9am to start the class. There is so much information and we will be tight for time all throughout the day.


The very latest we head to the range is 4pm and I try to get us out by 3:30pm. Depending upon how many tourists/shooters there are at the range, we might have to be on a waiting list. We should be done by 5:30pm.


Breakfast / Lunch / Snacks

Eating in the conference room is just fine, please bring anything you like.

We do a working lunch. You can either bring a lunch (I typically do) or go get one to-go. There is a refrigerator onsite.

There is a pizza/sandwich/salad joint (real good) within walking distance and other fast foods close by including and In and Out.


If you go out to get a lunch, please get it to-go and eat it in the classroom. We will be tight for time and if you're not back within 30 minutes, I'll start the next module without you. Coffee and bottled water are provided free during the day.


Guns & Ammo

DO bring your gun(s) into the class! If you have a holster (we won't be drawing from a holster at the range) bring that along as well!

If you bring ammo into the classroom, I have a lockbox to secure it. In a training environment, ammo must be secured.


You don't need to bring a cleaning kit. We won't have enough time to clean guns but I will point out the most important parts of gun cleaning.
You will receive a 90-minute DVD in class with me cleaning a couple of guns and all aspects of it.


If you don't know how to field strip (disassemble) your handgun, we will do that as long as it's not too complex.


Payment of class fee's and purchase of self-defense spray

Cash or check is preferred. I typically do not have change.

I can also take a debit/credit card through Square. There is a 2% fee for using a card.
I also sell Sabre Defense Spray in class; they are $10 ($5 less then gun stores).
You will learn in class a less-lethal tool is good to carry since not every problem is a gun problem.

You may want to have extra cash for at least one of these if you don't already carry one. I never strap my gun on without having a less-lethal option available.


Range Shooting

We qualify at Discount Firearms & Ammo located at 3084 S. Highland Dr. in Las Vegas, 89109

Range fees are $10 dollars and includes a target, hearing, and eye protection. If you wear prescription eye-classes, they have eye protection that will go over them.

You will need ID for the range, be sure you don't forget it when you leave.
Traffic is typically very busy on Saturdays. Regular travel time is 22 minutes and on Saturdays, it can certainly take longer. Only the more reason to get out of the classroom by 3:30pm


For the ladies and really everyone, no open-toe shoes. It's also a good idea to have on a full-coverage shirt, meaning no halter or tank tops. If an ejected shell hits your skin, it will burn you.


You will need 30 rounds of range ammo for the qualification. If you don't have ammo, you can get it at the range or buy it from me at 5% over cost.
The use of any one of my guns is included in the price of the class!
You must have or purchase factory full-metal jacket ammo for them.


If you have any questions, please text, email or call.


Rick Cross

Be Safe Firearms Instruction

Nevada & Utah Certified CFP Instructor - 7th Year

Certified Sabre Civilian Defense Spray Instructor

NRA Lifetime Member #082605371

NRA Certified Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor

NRA Certified Rifle and Shotgun Instructor

NRA Certified Reloading Instructor

Front Sight Lifetime Guardian Member

Affiliated Instructor Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

Affiliated Instructor Armed Response & Taser Intl.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mobile: (702) 275-1625