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Reciprocity Information


When it comes to reciprocity information, the best site on the web is (type the full link in your browser).


Besides reciprocity information, they have a lot of other material that is very useful and informative.Definitely check them out and help support them by making a donation.


On average here in Nevada, reciprocity changes two to three times per year!

Check your information often and don't rely on the information here on my site! Go to for the most up to date information but even they can be out of date. When in doubt, contact me.

CCW Reciprocity (121711)

As the "All States" map to the right lists, "Is it any wonder law abiding citizens are confused?"

Click on the document to view it full screen. It is an old map but it gives you an idea of the patchwork quilt of laws across the U.S.


The first year I did CCW permits, I made up a bunch of CCW wallet cards only to throw half of them away because reciprocity for Nevada and Utah changed four times in the first year!


It is recommended when you travel with a concealed handgun that you review the state(s) law you are going to be traveling through. This can be a daunting task since every city and small town you go through may have different laws.


Here in Nevada we have what's known as a premption law meaning no jurisdiction can supersede state law when it comes to concealed carry. No city or even the smallest jurisdiction can supersede state law. State law rules.


The map below is reciprocity information for Nevada, Utah, Nevada & Utah, Nevada & Florida then Nevada, Utah & Florida.


Do notice that with only a Utah permit, you will not be able to carry in Nevada. Nevada does not have official reciprocity with Utah nor do they recognize the Utah permit (yes, these are two different things). This is because Nevada requires a live fire qualification and Utah does not. Click on the image to view the document full screen.

One very important point is that some states only honor permits from RESIDENTS of the states they honor.

This can be confusing and if you have any questions, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.