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Bathroom Breaks

There are numerous news stories of citizens, law enforcement officers, TSA agents and security guards alike leaving their guns in “The John”.


No matter the venue, if you forget your handgun in a public bathroom and are not lucky to remember and quickly retrieve it, you can be guaranteed there will be a seemingly unending series of problems. If the police are contacted, you may eventually get it back but there is certainly the possibility of criminal charges (weapon recovery and other charges will depend upon a lot of stuff).


The absolute worst case scenario of course is finders - keepers. The latter could result in any sort of tragedy, whether it is discovered by a curious child and they are injured or it ends up in the hands of someone taking criminal action with it later. Both will come back around to haunt you - possibly for years.

As responsible armed individuals, we need to ensure the security of our firearms and that it is addressed in all likely situations, even the ones rarely discussed in a polite society.


So how do we keep track of the hollow point dispenser while taking a seat and doing that needed paperwork?


Some people drop their pants to knee height, and then re-fasten the belt to hold it in place. Some belts lend themselves to this more readily than others. Remember my speech, “dressing around the gun?” I would not buy a Ferrari sports car then spend $400 for tires. You buy a good handgun with a good holster, don’t put on a $10 belt.


Others, like me will drop their drawers all the way to the floor and fold the handgun into the center of their pants NEVER ALLOWING IT TO LEAVE THE HOLSTER AND MAKE SURE IT IS POINTED IN A RELATIVE SAFE DIRECTION. I will always take or wait for one of the end stalls. This way I can lay the gun facing the wall. This might include having the use the handicap stall even though you’re not handicap. Some people will find this very rude and in doing research, most people have NEVER seen a handicap person use a handicap stall, let alone the bathroom. I can say the same thing. If I do use the handicap stall it's get in and get out.


Your setup will vary but the #1 requirement is how safely you control the handgun. Keeping it on you or attached to you will greatly reduce the chances of forgetting or losing the handgun by keeping it in the holster, whether attached to the belt or not minimizes the risk of a negligent discharge and NEVER EVER take it out of its holster and hang it on the coat hook unless you want to see how fast your handgun will 'bumpfire'. Remember the three safest places for a handgun are;

1. In the Holster.

2. At the Ready.

3. On Target.

Be Safe and Stay in Condition Yellow,


Rick Cross
Be Safe Firearms Instruction
Nevada & Utah Certified CCW & CFP Instructor
NRA Lifetime Member #082605371
NRA Certified Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor
NRA Certified Rifle and Shotgun Instructor
NRA Certified Reloading Instructor
Certified Sabre Civilian Defense Instructor
Front Sight Lifetime Ambassador Member
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Las Vegas, Nevada.
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