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Road Rage in Las Vegas & The Nation


Road Rage in Las Vegas is increasing and the best advice is always avoidance. Even I’m not immune to some of the drivers out on the roadway and for those times I would get worked up over something, I would realize typically later than sooner that having a handgun in an escalated situation is a dangerous situation and if you keep the ball rolling, you’re just as guilty as the guy who started it. Let that turn into a deadly force situation and you can kiss your freedom goodbye.


Remember from the class I talk about if you are involved in any situation where the possibility exists the gun might have to come out, don’t be there! Awareness, Avoidance and Action and 99% of the time, action is getting out of dodge. Put your pride aside, leave the area and call the police and let them handle it.


Seriously when it comes to aggressive drivers, you don’t know if the person rushing home is because his wife is in labor or a drug-fueled maniac with 35 pounds of crack in the trunk and an AK-47 in the front seat with him!


I have had more than a few people take my class because someone on the roadway pointed a handgun at them and many times they didn’t think they did anything wrong!


If you browsed your class CD, under the folder Extra Classroom Presentations you will see one of the presentations I created was on road rage. It offers some very valuable tips including what to do if you have to fight. I do need to update that information.


Until you can look at the presentation on the CD, I can offer these few tips for any and all road rage incidents –

  • Know of others around you and what they are trying to do, whether that is to change lanes, enter or exit the freeway, or trying to go around you. Nothing is more frustrating to an agitated driver than someone who appears ‘oblivious’ to their surroundings and is seemingly blocking their way.


  • Be aware of your surroundings! – Condition Yellow. When you are stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, scan the area around you. Make sure you notice people walking on the street and what they’re doing. I had two students car jacked while sitting at a red light after failing to notice two men coming up to their car from the sidewalk.


  • Always have your doors locked. Even with today’s vehicles that automatically lock the doors, most vehicles don’t do this until you reach a certain speed or after a delay. You want the doors locked as soon as you get in the vehicle so manually lock all doors immediately.


  • A good two-fold safety rule is to not be boxed in with other vehicles, make sure you can escape. That means being in one of the outside lanes where you can evade if needed. Also make sure you can see the rear tires of the vehicle in front of you, this way you will have enough room to go around them if needed.


  • Pepper spray can be especially valuable in the case of someone following you with ill intent. Crack your window a bit and spray a little out the window…it will make it back to their vehicle and if they get a whiff, you can bet they’ll break off the chase. But remember this must be done only in necessary self-defense.


  • Know where the police stations are in your area and along your daily commute. If you feel threatened, drive to a police station and when you pull in, they’ll typically break off.


  • With summer rapidly approaching, be cautious of people who have their windows down as they most likely do not have a working air-conditioner. Thcauses a person to have to endure the heat and for many, that’s just an excuse to fight.

  • Of course, you could go over to Teran at Acme Graphics and have him put some ‘gun graphics’ on your vehicle like I have and you’ll discover how amazingly effective it is in making people go the other way. I’ve had people start to tailgate me then all of a sudden slow way down and back off altogether after they’ve read what my business is. I guess they think I’m going to raise my .50 caliber machine guns out of the roof and start shooting!


Be Safe and Stay in Condition Yellow!