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March - 2017 - Nationwide Permitless Carry & Laws in the Nevada Senate

This is really beginning to gain steam across America and there is a new bill in Nevada to do just that! We have 12 states where we can carry a concealed weapon without having a concealed weapon permit but in Idaho, Wyoming, and North Dakota (as of August 1st), it's for residents only.


To view my blog on permitless carry and laws that are currently in the Nevada Senate, including trying to pass permitless carry here in Nevada, please click on my blogger link at:

Unauthorized Access and Gun Safes
As responsible gun owners, it is ultimately OUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure our firearms
DO NOT fall into the hands of those who may use them irresponsibly.

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Pocket Pistols

All about that 'pocket rocket' and what you must know about it. 

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Boston Bombings & CD & SYG Laws in Nevada

 Many experts warned that it was not a matter of if but of when something like this would happen.


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Do Civilians Need to Carry Spare Ammo?

You all know my feelings on this - I never carry any handgun without have a reload for it

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Bathroom Breaks

What is the proper bathroom etiquette when carrying a gun?

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Reliability of Defensive Handguns

The absolute #1 requirement concerning a defensive handgun is – It must be 100% reliable.

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All You Can Handle
Worry less about what you’re shooting and more about how you shoot it.

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Road Rage in Las Vegas & The Nation
Road Rage not only in Las Vegas but across the nation is increasing.

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Top of Form

When Citizens Fight Back
Are We Training Wrong?

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Nov. 2016 - National Carry and Gun Free Zones

President elect Donald Trump supports a Nationwide Carry Permit (like a drivers license) and the elimination of Gun Free Zones. I totally agree but it will be tougher than he thinks. Check out my discussion blog on this: Nationwide Concealed Carry Permits & Gun Free Zones

Jan 2017 - 10 Great Guns for Concealed Carry

This is from an article from Police One on 10 great concealed carry handguns. I have changed the article quite a bit and added my own thoughts and advice. Please click on the link to read my blog on these great guns! 10 Great CCW Carry Guns