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I am a Certified Sabre Self-Defense Spray Instructor.


As a self-defense expert, it is critical to have more than one option for self-defense and certainly if you can abate the situation with a less-than-lethal option . . . all the better.


Make no mistake, if I have to use deadly force to protect myself and my family, I WILL!


But having a less-than-lethal option available can keep you out of court, save you from financial ruin and possible jail time. In my document about self-defense and the different handgun calibers, I tell a story of a man who had been through my class and who had a deadly force incident several years before. He was justified in his actions, but it cost him over 40 days in jail and over $250,000 dollars of his own money to hire an attorney.


I carry Sabre Self-Defense spray on my at all times and the good thing is that when I can't carry a firearm, I can still carry my Sabre spray.


Sabre Self-Defense Spray is very effective. I will cause the attackers eyes to close shut and affects' the mucus membranes of his face. This gives you time to get out of the area.


What will you learn?

  • Learn how to protect yourself from a distance
  • Learn Risk Reduction Strategies to Discourage a Potential Threat
  • Learn the best Self Defense Technique to Escape an Attacker
  • Learn how to use Personal Safety Sprays Responsibly and Effectively
  • Learn how to Escape an Attacker
  • Obtain muscle Memory which helps Protect You during High Stress Encounters
  • Learn the 10 Steps to use Pepper Spray the Right Way!
  • Learn the Best Techniques to use Pepper Spray!



Personal Safety Academy or the College Safety Program


Developed for anyone who wants to take control of their own personal safety:

Men, Women, Business People, Stay at Home Parents, Runners, Commuters, The Elderly, Social Groups, and many more!

Learn to identify potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them altogether!

You’ll learn simplified safety techniques that are easy to apply & remember

You'll learn methods to protect yourself no matter your skill level or physical ability

Feel empowered and confident to live life with peace of mind!


Class Costs & Location

The class costs $65 dollars and is held in a private classroom with everything needed (indoors or out) to complete the class. You will receive a kit in class (check below). The good thing is it only takes 4 to 5 hours to complete and be on your way. If you have daughters, this is a great class to get them in!

What you will receive

  • SABRE Self-Defense Spray pocket canister (25 bursts)
  • SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Manual
  • 3 SABRE Water Filled, Inert Practice Canisters
  • SABRE Defense Spray with Quick Release Key Ring
  • Survivor Skills for Smart Living
  • Certificate of Completion