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What's Included & How Much?photo 2


Everyone Receives:

Three custom-made laminated wallet cards on -

  • Four Safety Rules / Five Essential Rules of Concealed Carry

  • Current Reciprocity Information for Nevada / Nevada & Utah

  • Prohibited Places of Carry

Also Included:

  • A booklet with all the material covered in class (and some that's not) References to the laws & statutes of Nevada & Utah.

  • A packet with reference and technical documents related to handguns and handgun shooting.

  • A CD with over 700MB (nearly full!) of Documents, Reference Material, Videos, and additional Presentations on Home Invasions, Car Jackings, Road Rage and much more.

  • A Gun Cleaning DVD with a 90-minute presentation from yours truly on everything about gun cleaning. In class, we will cover the most important part of gun cleaning(s).

  • You'll also be added to my CCW group email (your preference) for updates to law and blogs on current events, news stories and advice and recommendataions. Many people look forward to my blog updates. You can check out my blog on this webpage. At the top button bar, go all the way to the right to 'Rick's Blog'

Pricing Information


No deposit is required to hold a class, your word is good enough for me.
When you confirm with me, you're telling me you will be in the class.

If you commit to the class, it's very much appreciated you give me as much notice if you cannot attend. I go through a lot of work (two weeks in general) in getting ready for classes. I understand emergencies and other things that come up and don't hold you to any fee if you can't attend.


1 Person alone is at the private class rate of $200. Private classes with 2 people: $300 dollars total cost.


Couples and 'bring a friend' get a discount for group classes, let me know this when you contact me.


3 people in a group class: $100 dollars per person.

4 or more people in a group class: $75 dollars per person.

Private classes at YOUR facility are at a higher rate and take MUCH more time to complete. Range time on the same day is iffy. Contact me for details.

These rates are comparable with other schools and gun stores/ranges and I cover area's that commercial organizations are not allowed to cover due to liability.


Be careful of 'free' classes! They typically have an 'administrative' charge, you still pay for range time and you have to purchase their ammo at a higher cost. They only follow state mandate and many times you are not allowed to ask many questions.

Independant instructors like myself provide much more value for your money. I eat, sleep and drink this stuff on a daily basis and I make sure the information you receive is accurate at the current time. With my classes, you get an opportunity twice per year to be in a basic handing class for no charge except for range and target fees and of course you bring your own ammo.


Class Limits

I generally limit my classes to no more than 10 people but that is negotiable. More than 10 people takes more time at the range.


Handguns for Rent

I have a good selection of handguns in the class for demonstration purposes. The use of one of my handguns is included in the class! If you would like to shoot any other handguns, You can rent these guns for $10 each. I have handgun's ranging from .22 LR to .410 shotshell.


Any ammunition used in any guns you rent (mine or the range) must be factory, full metal jacketed ammunition. You can buy ammo off of my at 10% over cost or buy it at the range.

Please call if you have any questions.