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Why Carry?


Each day in the United States 52 people are murdered, typically by someone they know. Random crime and active shooter events are becoming more common place and for no apparent reason. People on drugs, both legal and illegal seem to 'drop off the deep end' and do some heinous act and something just off the wall. They don't care who else gets hurt and in fact if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, it could cost you your life!


Take a look at this story which happened in my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada - Sword & Dairy Queen


A man, I'm sure on some kind of drug walked into a Dairy Queen with a Samurai sword to rob it. Really?


What did he expect to get? He was threatening customers before deciding to rob the store.  


An employee with a concealed permit drew a handgun and shot at the man twice, striking him once in the chest. The man died on the way to the hospital. I wonder about the round that missed the man. As Clint Smith with Thunder Ranch says, "Every round you send downrange has a lawyer attached to it!"


A handgun carried upon your person gives you the option to take action to protect yourself, a loved one or on the extreme end of the scale, a third party from the criminal and life threatening actions of another. Most of the time, it's best to observe, avoid and only if necessary, draw your weapon in preparation of protecting yourself and your loved ones. 


Over 2.5 million times per year, the simple show of a firearm is enough to protect yourself. They see the gun, they run! Everyone has heard of the shooting at the theater in Aurora, Colorado and many people have wondered if a concealed carry holder would have made a difference. I believe if there had  been a competent and confident CCW operator in the theater, there would have been a big difference. 


Consider the following graphic -


Internet & Colorado Shooting Pic

As the title suggests,


"Two Similar Stories,

Two Different Endings"



The 71-year old gentleman choose not to be a victim. He may or may not have been thinking about the other people in the Internet Cafe but he saved they're lives by reacting and using his handgun in the best way possible.


The one thing I can say about this years' active shooting events and people being victimized - many refuse to take it any longer and are taking action!


I used to have three stories of people here in Las Vegas that were victimized because they didn't have a self-defense option.


One was a mother that was raped while her 7 year old daughter had to sit downstairs with the criminals until it was all over. The bad thing? The daughter was the one who had opened the front door to the home invaders allowing them to come crashing in. You know that action will live with her for the rest of her life!


Don't be a victim! Get in my class today!